Management & accounting

We make sure that our operations are on an ideal track in the management department. We design practical solutions to difficulties and tough situations, and we ensure that each department delivers the finest outcomes possible. The department covers the personnel, stock and warehouse, and finance management.

Communication & selling department

Our key goal at the communication and selling department is to maintain communication with our suppliers and clients. We are always available to interact, build and polish contact, and reach out to new brands in order to discuss future collaboration opportunities.

Human Resources

At human resources department, we maintain the safety of working conditions, employee relations, legal workpaper, and some technical responsibilities. HR acts as a functional liaison between other departments.

Logistics & distribution

Our fleet of truck sellers do their best to reach out for every possible business in the local market to enlarge our clientele. The main strategy is that the international brands we promote must be rendered accessible to every customer in the market.