The workflow at FoodNest consist in processes:

a. Research the market

The first step in our workflow is researching the market. We conduct research by consulting the final consumer and discuss with our clients the nature of products required. The market variables determine the nature of products required and the daily consumption by the final consumer. After we build an image about the product, we move to the next step.

b. Contact the suppliers

We contact the leading suppliers of the product needed in the market. We aim to explain to the supplier the importance of the product and the daily consumption rates. This is done after the quality is checked. The reputation of the supplier in the market is a must prior to any initial contact. When the supplier is happy with offering us the product, we move to the next step.

c. Discuss the offers

We discuss the offer proposed by the supplier with both the supplier itself and the client. We discuss with the client the prices offered and the affordability in comparison to other
competitors with different brands of the same product. Then we go back to the supplier and propose a final plan of prices.

d. Sign the contract

Once we agree on the product to be sold and distributed, either exclusively or not, in the Moroccan market, we sign a contract of purchase. This is done according to the international trade norms treaties.

e. Transfer the payment

After signing the contract, we move to the transfer of the payment. We choose the safest terms that the supplier requires.

f. Transportation

Concerning the transportation of the products, we always respect the will of our suppliers to reduce stress on their export departments. When the supplier’s export department is too busy, we chose the second plan of taking care of our transportation.

g. Store at the warehouse

Once the products are safely received at the port and cleared with the customs office, we carefully store them at our warehouses. We classify the products according to category, e.g., shelf 1 food, shelf 2 beverage.

h. Plan the requests from clients and distribute

According to a previous planning of requests we prepared with our clients, both category 1 and 2, we give orders to our distribution fleet to start distributing and selling. After process h, we either move to process a in case our market research dictates that a new product must be introduced or get back to process b, in case the product is required in the market.