1. Wholesale

This category is supplied in large quantities; they either reserve their share of containers at the port – prior to customs clearance – or came to our warehouses in order to load them. Wholesalers include classic wholesaling businesses, catering businesses, and luxury or gastronomic facilities. Frequently, hyper/supermarkets and other merchandisers are included within this category.

2. Retail

Besides the wholesalers, we supply to other selling points. The major purpose is to make the products we import available across all over the regions we reach by our distribution fleet. This category includes small hypermarkets, supermarkets, local small businesses, dormitory-based shops, coastal shops, small hotels, guesthouses, riads, among many others.

3. Catering

Catering adds up to the range of clients we interact with in the market. In special and professional or even governmental occasions, our catering businesses clients send us special requests to supply their events with our colourful range of products.